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Our Story

How did I, mother of two, grandmother to 8 at 60 years old start a Hemp Soap company you ask? Well please, let me tell you.

In September 2017, my husband was diagnosed with throat cancer. Options for treatment were laid before us, we didn’t like them. I began a feverish campaign to learn all I could about natural, holistic, and nutritional options that WE felt were proven. We wanted to empower ourselves so that WE could take control and beat this thing. I read everything I could get my hands on ( in a very short period of time ) that was even remotely connected to healing your own body.

I studied nutrition, supplements, Rick Simpson Oil, The Budwig Diet and we choose our path. Along the way, I started paying attention to the ingredients in things. Not just the food we were eating but the cleaning products we use and even more importantly what we put on our skin directly.


Let me cut to the chase, or I’ll end up writing a book…Among the many topics I researched, Hemp Seed Oil kept popping up. You can bake with it, eat it, drink it or rub it into your skin all with healthy, nourishing, moisturizing results. When I came across a handmade soap recipe, I decided to substitute one of the oils for Hemp Seed Oil and the rest, as they say, is history.


After handing out hundreds of bars to friends and family and receiving 100% positive feedback. High Hopes Hemp was born. We are all health-conscious individuals and we start our day the minute the kids are dropped off at school. We turn on the lights, turn up the music and the fun begins. Time to make the soap…and sing…and laugh…and sing so much singing!


We work around snotty noses, doctor’s appointments, school activities, and sports so that everyone is truly able to put family first without worrying about job security.  We truly love each other and we are firm and proud believers of our Hemp soap and hope that your skin will soon be singing right alongside ours.


PS: Bob is two years cancer-free. No chemo, no radiation…all-natural, holistic healing, and a very loving and devoted wife.

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