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A Candid Look At EOE

Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) is a chronic disorder of the digestive system in which large numbers of a particular type of white blood cell called eosinophils are present in the esophagus.

Andy has been an employee for over eight years. As I've watched her grow and find her place in the world, I also bore witness to her declining health.

Difficult to watch, I can only imagine the toll EOE has taken on her both physically and mentally.

There came a point when she had to stop working, she just didn’t have the strength or will.

Today, Andy is 27 years old, married, and mother to 2 large dogs and countless reptiles and rats. She is studying to become a Veterinarian, specializing in micro-surgery on reptiles. A lot of ambition in a tiny package. When I first met Andy, she weighed about 100 pounds soaking wet but a year ago she was lucky to tip the scales at 82 pounds.

I could tell her story, but I think you will all benefit more from hearing about Andy’s journey in her own words…

“ As I grew out of my late teens and into my early twenties, my body started to change in a very confusing way.
I was constantly uncomfortable and nauseated. Extremely sensitive to any form of anxiety I watched helplessly as my weight plummeted and with it my stamina.

The scale was not my friend.

I was calling out of work frequently and eventually became homebound.

My days consisted of trips between the bed and the bathroom. From one Gastroenterologist to the next I would go, all handing out different advice and different pharmaceuticals. After years of misdiagnoses, a Doctor got it right. I was told I had EOE, a disorder that is triggered by an allergen (mine being soy).

My symptoms were horrific. I felt as though my body became an experiment because there is no specific medicine on the market for EOE. I just kept trying everything I was being prescribed. I was having horrible bouts of nausea, cyclic vomiting, shakiness, fatigue, and a laundry list of other unpleasantries. I stopped stepping on the scale when I hit 82lbs.

When soy was found to be my culprit, it was quite an adjustment. You can’t imagine how many things in this world contain soy! Candles, oils, gum, all fast food which means I can’t walk through most airports without becoming physically ill. My esophagus is still raw to this day.

Eventually, I got a better handle on things and was able to return to work 1 day a week. As I gained strength (and weight I’m happy to say), it turned into 2 days. I’ll never forget the day Kelli and April came back from a seminar with some CBG samples in the form of a vape pen. They were super excited to have me try this vape that contained CBG, CBD, and CBN.

Lessons Learned

They had learned that this new cannabinoid really helped those suffering from gastrointestinal issues.

For sure something I was willing to try immediately. I felt positive changes in my body within the first week.

While CBG has not been an absolute cure-all for me, I personally feel that CBG has helped me take my life back into my own hands. I now use CBG as a daily supplement and I’m making more health-conscious, careful dietary choices. I can say with confidence that I’m beginning to feel a lot better. My mental health has improved which has allowed me to remain positive as I work towards gaining more stamina, endurance, and much-needed weight!

…And so Andy’s story goes.

It is our aim to simply spread the word by way of personal experiences.

We make no medical claims and encourage you to speak with a healthcare professional to make sure there are no interactions with any medications or medical conditions you may have.

Personal experiences speak volumes, don’t you think?


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