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Enjoying Everyday Steps With Milla

Welcome, I’m Kelli, co-owner of High Hopes Hemp Soap Company and a Smoke Shop Owner that specializes in CBD, CBG, and CBN.

First let me say, I am not an expert in Cannabinoids, but I am knowledgeable about the biggies…CBD, CBG, CBN, and THC. Over the past few years, I have gathered first-hand knowledge and have seen the positive effects of these specific Cannabinoids on my family, my friends, and hundreds of our customers.

I‘d like to invite you to join me as I simply tell their stories (with their permission of course).

First, let me introduce you to Milla. She is my business partner (April’s) daughter, 13 years old, and was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when she was 2. When I first met Milla she was 8. She didn’t interact with me very well. If I said, “Good morning Milla”, I was met with silence. Over time I started to prompt her by completing her response for her, “Good Morning Kelli”, she would then repeat, “Good Morning Kelli”, and so it went.

Milla always wore the same style of clothes, year-round. Teva-type sandals, bike shorts, and loose tank tops that she was always “tucking” in around herself, a common trait in Autism. She ate only 3 foods, homemade chicken nuggets, pizza, and fruit.

Milla’s main obsession was with electronics and the internet. Getting Milla to go outside or walk for any distance was a chore.

But, Man can she read!

Everything she can get her hands on. She taught herself to read when she was 2 and she never stopped.

Point to some obscure animal from some obscure place and she will tell you its name, what it eats, where it’s from, and what the flag looks like from that country.

It blew my mind!

About a year ago, April and I went to a Hemp Convention. We were very familiar with CBD and Hemp Seed Oil because we use that in our soap manufacturing process.

What we were not familiar with was CBG and how it may alleviate many of the symptoms of Autism.

Lot’s of other things as well, but that’s a topic for another time.

April could not wait to get back to Milla.

I kid you not, 4 days after her first gummy, April brought Milla to work.

I repeated our usual ritual saying, “Good morning Milla” to which she promptly replied, “Good morning Kelli”, I said, “How ya doing?” She said, “I’m good”.


Did we just have a conversation, an exchange…unprompted?!

For Milla (and April), this was huge! Like a little piece of Milla that had been tucked away, found a way to come out. I felt blessed to have witnessed it.

What A Game Changer!

What a difference a year of CBG makes! Milla has become more open and responsive when we speak to one another. She has willingly moved slowly, slowly outside of her comfort zone. The wardrobe she will tolerate has expanded, she has made peace with the outdoors and visits our pool weekly. She’s still a VERY picky eater but she's getting much better at trying new things, she’s less anxious, is easier to be around, has developed a sense of humor, and, will wonder never cease, walked over a mile to watch a Tim McGraw concert with her mother and I.

I will keep you posted on her progress.

I know Milla’s story must hit home for those of you that have loved ones diagnosed with ASD.

I am certainly not suggesting that anyone with ASD will benefit from CBG as Milla has. I’m simply proposing that you approach the possibility with an open mind.

If you have experienced similar results, please post about it.

Get In The Know!

People need to know that there is, in my opinion, a much healthier alternative to prescription drugs for our loved ones.

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