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Our Journey: Finding The Alternative

Hi, I'm Kelli, and welcome to my Blog on Getting Your Hopes High with Hemp, CBD, and CBG Untold Health Benefits.

The year 2017 became an agonizing year because my husband Bob was having multiple complications with his throat. It hindered him from doing several - well, what we take for granted things that should be automatic.

In September of 2017, after multiple doctor's appointments, my husband was diagnosed with throat cancer. Options for treatment that were given, we didn’t like. We were shocked, we did know what to do but I wasn't going to be a Negative Nancy and just whiter away and trust what the doctors said. Now, that I understand the medical industry a little better.

Heck No! I sought to find alternatives that would serve as a means to that end.

Needless to say, I began a feverish campaign to learn all I could about natural, holistic, and nutritional options that we (Bob and I) felt were proven. Feeling at a loss from what the doctors were saying, we wanted to empower ourselves so that WE could take control and beat this thing. I read everything I could get my hands on (in a very short period of time) that was even remotely connected to healing your own body.

I studied nutrition, supplements, Rick Simpson Oil, The Budwig Diet and we choose our path. Along the way, I started paying attention to the ingredients in things. Not just the food we were eating but the cleaning products we use and even more importantly what we put on our skin directly.

Long story short, on Our Journey of Finding The Alternative, over the many topics I researched, for some Untold Reason Hemp Seed Oil kept popping up.

Wonder, why that is?

Could this be Our Alternative? hmmm. Let's see.

As I dug deeper into research mode, I discovered you'd be amazed.

What surfaced by learning of the diversification of what you can do with this amazing product is astounding! Needless to say, you can bake with it, eat it, drink it or rub it into your skin all with healthy, nourishing, moisturizing results. Which led me to implement a handmade soap recipe, I substituted one of the oils for Hemp Seed Oil and the rest, as they say, is history.

In fact, once this idea materialized and was brought to fruition, my kitchen and dining room looked like a laboratory. We developed a formula that we felt was safe and ethical and then we started handing out hundreds of bars to friends and family actively participating in our cause. We received 100% positive feedback.

Do you know how we felt? We were elated. High Hopes Hemp was born.

High Hopes Hemp, as a company, we are all health-conscious individuals, we are fun-loving people who love to work hard, sing along the way, and play hard by enjoying each other's company. We truly love each other and we are firm and proud believers of our Hemp soap and hope that your skin will soon be singing right alongside ours.

PS: After several follow-up doctor's appointments and numerous tests, Bob is 4 years cancer-free. No chemo, no radiation…all-natural, holistic healing, and a very loving and devoted wife.

We found Our Alternative.

Stick around there is more to share the word about this wonderful product.

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