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Soap History.heic

In colonial times, our ancestors made soap
by leaching lye from the ashes of hardwoods and then mixing with a fat, such as tallow or lard.
Routinely, it was the job of women to gather the stored fat from butchering and the ashes from their fires throughout the wiinter months

In the spring they made lye from their reserved ashes and boiled it, along with the fat that been gathered, in a giant kettle. The soap that was born of this method was used to clean their undergarments.

Today, thank goodness, while our methods and  ingredients are similar (we use NO animal fat) We make our soap in an air-conditioned warehouse.

Hemp – A Brief Lesson

Hemp has been grown for centuries in countries like China, Chile, and nations in Europe. The food, medicine and textile industries have all benefited from this amazing plant.To legally be considered  hemp, the cannabis plant must contain less than .3% THC.

Hemp grows very well in many different climates and can reach heights of 20 feet.Their long, skinny leaves and stalks contain cannabidiol (CBD) believed by many to be a very healthy alternative to modern medicine when taken orally.

The Hemp Seed Oil we use is produced by pressing the plants seeds to release the oil and contains no CBD. Hemp seed oil is considered to have the perfect amount of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which may benefit skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, acne and some forms of psoriasis. We believe that the Hemp Seed Oil in our formula is what sets us apart from our competition and why our customers keep coming back.

Benefits of Our Oils



Extremely rich in Omega-6 and Omega-3's.Heads and shoulders above most oils in moisturizing and providing essential nutrients to the skin

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Coconut Oil, rich in fatty acids, is not only great for moisturizing the skin, but is also considered to be anti-aging because it increases skin elasticity.

Olive Oil.jpg


Palm Oil - When applied topically, restores hydration to dry skin and prevents further dryness by sealing in moisture.



Olive Oil is considered to be an effective antioxidant and antibacterial. It is thought to

help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and is especially beneficial after sun exposure.

 Seven Powerful Reasons Hemp Seed Oil Is The Truth, Not A Trend 

The benefits of hemp oil are wide-ranging and undisputed; the adaptable oil can be used in cooking, skincare, crafts, and more. Packed with powerful proteins and minerals, hemp oil supports healthy living.

                     Hemp oil for eczema

Research into the effects of hemp oil for eczema has returned positive results showing that, when ingested, the oil can increase the amount of healthy fat in the blood, improving the skin and reducing symptoms of eczema. An alternative to taking hemp oil orally is to use creams or hemp oil soaps to treat eczema topically.

Actively Anti-Aging

When applied directly to the skin in a cream or hemp oil soap/body wash, the oil is reported to have an anti-aging effect. Improving the skin’s top layer by pumping it with healthy fats, hemp oil has regenerative properties that can contribute to a more youthful, plumped-up complexion.

Deeply Moisturizing

An all-natural moisturizer, hemp oil nourishes the skin, locking in moisture while allowing the skin to breathe. The fats in hemp seed oil are very similar to the human body’s natural lipids, penetrating deep into the skin and improving water resistance without clogging pores.

Healthy for Hair

The fatty acids in hemp oil are great for improving hair’s shine and texture, giving it a natural gloss and providing extra strength. It can also be used to reduce the oiliness of oil-based shampoos and improve scalp health by penetrating the skin with its moisturizing fats.


Hemp oil has a variety of applications for bodily health, helping protect the heart and aid cognitive function with its naturally-occurring Omega 3 oils. Also containing Omega 6, hemp seed oil boosts the immune system and helps the body recover from fatigue following exercise.

Natural Nail Nourisher

Skin, hair, and nails are all formed from the same type of dermal cells, and hemp oil affords benefits in each area. Nourishing for dehydrated, brittle nails, hemp oil can be massaged directly into the nail bed or is sometimes added to nail polish to give users stronger, healthier nails.

Disease Defense

The sterols – or alcohols – contained in hemp oil have a number of preventative health benefits, including the ability to lower cholesterol, thus having the potential to keep heart attacks at bay. Hemp seed oil’s antioxidant properties can also be beneficial in warding off degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and atherosclerosis.

We Deliver Premium Soap Bars


Our Mission is to get our soaps into as many hands as we possibly can.


The education on Hemp has been so undermined yet many miss out on it's medinical properties and healing effects. 

Did You Know?


Pets - The benefits that pets receive from using hemp seed oil are amazing! It helps restores and hydration for a healthier coat of hair.


More and more pet owners are turning to hemp seed oil for their extended family member's care.

Newborns are adjusting to a new environment and need an extra moisturizer to keep their skin soft, fresh, and subtle.

Skin Conditions are on the rise. Eczema, and other pollen-based allergens that make bad skin unbarable.

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