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Sharing The Healthy Benefits of Hemp, CBD, and CBG

We Welcome You, Please Give Your Health High Hopes

Our Journey: Finding The Alternative

Hi, I’m Kelli and I welcome you to my blog on Hemp Seed Oil, Cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG, and how you too can give your health higher hopes.

In November of 2017, my husband, Bob was diagnosed with Throat Cancer. Our first reaction was one of disbelief, it felt like any other sore throat. Then the shock and numbness set in which gave us time to process the diagnosis.

We did not like the options of Radiation or Chemo so we went to work. Researched everything we could get our hands on that had proven successful in treating cancer in a holistic way. In doing so the same words appeared over and over again. Cannabinoids, Hemp Seed Oil, CBD, CBG, and Rick Simpson Oil.

When we saw the video, RUN FROM THE CURE, we knew the course of action that we wanted to take. I encourage you to watch it.

I am convinced that the knowledge I gleaned from that video helped save Bob’s life.

My mind was opened and I hope yours is as well, to the possibilities of finding health both inside and outside of your body. Rick Simpson Oil was, we hoped, a way to get rid of cancer, but keeping it away was the next path we needed to take.

First, we decided to pay closer attention to what we were putting in our bodies, than, what we were using on our bodies. Staying away from chemicals in our foods, in our lotions, soaps, and cleaning products was no easy task.

I challenge you to pay attention to those labels and look up some of those words you’ve never seen.

Chances are a synthetic detergent (Isn’t that for clothes and dishes?) of some type is on the label.

Our newly chosen healthier options have given Bob and I high hopes about our health and future and our soap company is a bi-product of those decisions.

Did you know that many commercial “soaps” that we grew up with for example Irish Springs, Caress, and Dove are in fact detergents?

Nowhere on the label does it say soap.

Here are a few names that you may come across...

Beauty Bar, Bath Bar, Body Bar, Cleansing Bar …yes, but nowhere does it say soap.

Because it can’t! Because it’s not.

I have been in the “Head Shop” business for 13 years and was familiar with the terms Cannabis and THC, but CBD, CBG, and Hemp Seed Oil were relatively unknown at the time.

Since Bob’s diagnosis in 2017, I became intrigued by the Hemp Plant and all of the “magic” it was purported to carry in its seeds, stalks, and stems.

While I'm not a big proponent of pharmaceuticals, I discovered a whole new world, and have seen, first-hand, the effects that Cannabinoids can have on and in your body.

I have become well versed in Cannabinoids, but I’m still learning. I’d love to invite you to join me on my journey as I post what I am learning from first-hand experiences.

Please share with me the successes of your Cannabinoid use so that together we can create a narrative that promotes healthy, natural healing

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